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Welcome to Remember Q-Link

Q-Link (or Quantum Link, as it was officially known) was one of the earliest online services. It was created to support the best-selling personal computer of all time, the Commodore 64. This website exists to preserve its memory.

At the moment, the vast majority of this site is still being rebuilt. Please see the “Rebuild News” page for the latest information on the status.

Rebuild News page was last updated on 5-27-2017. See Rebuild News1 for the latest information, such as it is. :-)

Thanks for your patience and understanding. :-)

7-12-2013: The original counter code has gone missing, along with many other items. The last I remember, the counter was well over the 40,000 mark, so I picked that as the closest honest starting point for the new  counter.

Note that the “Visit This Site” link below the counter is an advertisement of some sort that comes with the counter.

 I have no control over that link, short of removing the counter; click it at your own risk.




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